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At Freelancy, we believe in the power of community and quality. Join us and see for yourself how our platform can transform your freelance career and elevate your overall company performance.

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Enhance your business or personal brand and grow your network with Freelancy.
Join a community of high-quality African freelancers and International companies, and chat or post status messagess with photos, polls, articles, tutorials, and work bites to share with fellow freelancers, experts, friends, and employers.

Work like a PRO

Join the Freelancy community and elevate your game. Our rigorous vetting process, and reputation management system guarantee access to high-quality projects for freelancers and trusted, pre-vetted experts for clients. Unlock your potential with us!

Learn like a PRO

As a Freelancy member, you have exclusive access to the Classroom, where you can participate in live classes, connect with fellow freelancers, and learn from experienced professionals in your field. Plus, by completing courses and submitting group or individual projects on time, you can earn certifications that demonstrate your expertise and increase your visibility to potential clients.

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 African Talents

Maximize your business potential with top-tier African freelancers on Freelancy. Find the perfect match for your project needs, from engineering to product management and beyond.

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Hiring Made Easy

Work with the largest network of independent professionals and get things done—from quick turnarounds to big transformations.

1 - Publish Your Project

Publish your project and provide all the necessary details, such as project scope, budget, and timeline.

2 - Build Your Team

Utilize our Account Manager and AI Matching Engine to build your team. Our technology will recommend the most suitable freelancers for your project based on scope, skills, experience, and availability.

3 - Collaborate

Communicate and collaborate with your team remotely and securely, knowing that we ensure all freelancers are fully compliant with all legal requirements

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Join the Freelancy revolution and achieve your freelance goals. Network, access high-quality opportunities, and grow your skills all in one platform.

1- Elite Community

Get vetted and become a part of the top 5% of freelancers, with access to high-value projects and a supportive community

2- Win Projects

Bid on or get invited to projects that match your skills and expertise, and showcase your abilities to clients around the world.

3- Compliant Payments

Collaborate with your team and receive payments securely through our ESCROW system, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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Learn Like a PRO

Learn and grow With the Classroom®

Join our cohort-based e-learning platform to build a successful freelance career.
Our teacher-led courses are designed to help you improve your skills and increase your earnings.
Get certified by submitting your projects on time and stand out as a certified expert.

Expert-led Courses:

Access in-demand skills and knowledge with teacher-led courses designed to help you stay ahead of the game. Our expert instructors will guide you through each course, providing you with the insights you need to succeed in today's competitive international marketplace.

Boost Your Earnings:

By mastering new technologies and techniques, you can increase your earning potential as a freelancer. With the help of our classroom courses, you can stay up to date with the latest trends and skills that clients are looking for, allowing you to charge higher rates for your work.

Certify your skills:

By completing courses and submitting group or individual projects on time, you can earn certifications that showcase your achievements to potential clients. This is a great way to stand out from the competition and demonstrate your expertise in a particular area.

Khowledge Bites

Step Up Your Game

Whether you're a freelancer looking to improve your skills or a business owner seeking to stay ahead of the competition, our know-how articles will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Check out our blog now and join our community of like-minded professionals.

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