Making a specific proposal

Making a specific proposal

Mehdi Mhamdi

June 17, 2022

You've competed on a few projects lately, but you haven't won most of them. Are you bidding on proposals that are inaccurate? You could be. Or maybe it's the way your proposals were formed?

There are some typical bidding errors that you may produce that you are not at all sure of. Read on to find out how the next time you bid, you will eliminate these errors.

Making a specific proposal

The easiest thing to do to get the customer to consider you is to submit a thorough and insightful personal proposal while you are searching for freelance projects and you encounter one that crosses your path.

Why would that be? Very clearly, you are dealing with ALL of the freelancers who have applied on this venture, and you need to get the employer's interest just as in an audition by proving that you want the position desperately enough and that you are able to go the extreme lengths to get it.

Things such as any concerns you might have about the project file, similar projects that make you the perfect candidate for this, years of working with any listed program or technologies, etc., should be included.


You may believe that you can attract the interest of consumers by selling a cheap enough price, and if you convince them how brilliant you are, you will be able to encourage them to increase the price later.

How far from the reality are you?

Even if you draw these employers' notice, the curiosity can not last long until they begin talking to you and you tell them that with the budget you suggested earlier, you will not do the job at hand. This is not easy for you and could scare away potential customers.

Estimate how much it would cost you depending on the details supplied by the project and retain the price of your bid. If you're not sure how much, as other information could be absent from the project folder, write questions about the plan and how the price initially suggested could be impacted.

Competing on something on which you do not have experience.

Did you ever come across a proposal that attracted your attention and thought of this: "I'll study it and later learn"? If you do that, there is an immense issue.

Clients assume that they are hiring someone who will do the work to the best feasible. If you don't have the right qualifications, don't give employers false confidence that if you don't meet the standard of competence expected by the project, you will be guaranteed to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

It's still best to be sure that what you stated will be achieved. Bear this in mind and look for positive assessments and feedback. It lets you attract prospective potential employers by getting a strong profile on Freelancy.

Making a bid for something when you are overburdened at the moment

For this one, there is really no clarification required. We know you may believe there are a couple of jobs out there for you so you want to try on them all, but you're overwhelmed and it's far from a smart idea. You face the risk of receiving negative feedback due to potential implementation problems, sloppy program management, inadequate communication, etc., by overloading yourself.

We at Freelancy have released hundreds of ventures every day. Second, finish your existing tasks and you must begin bidding again when you are ready to conduct new tasks.

Provide personal information about the bid

This is inclusive of our terms and conditions in particular. It will delete anything containing your sensitive data and you will receive a fair warning. As this will be your reference to a protected freelance journey on our platform, kindly make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Making a specific proposal

June 17, 2022

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